As of January 1, 2016, I am no longer serving individual clients (except those with whom I have a verbal agreement). However, as co-author of Book Design Made Simple, I am still very busy marketing our book.

For the sake of continuity and sentimentality (after 42 years it's hard to stop short), I will keep much of this website intact. Many people have found the author pages to be very useful. So feel free to explore.

In the fall of 2016, I taught a couple of typography classes at Framingham State University, then gave a presentation at a publishing conference. I have now taught my final self-publishing class in Needham. Aspiring authors can find lots of good information online nowadays. Just please, please stay away from vanity publishers.

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Book Design Made Simple

BDMSslider1Would you like to try your hand at designing and typesetting your own book? My friend and fellow book designer Fiona Raven and I have written Book Design Made Simple just for you. It offers a step-by-step guide to book interior design, cover design, and preparing files for the printer, all using Adobe InDesign. Now that InDesign is leased by the month, it is much more affordable for anyone to do single projects. Check our website for more information about the book, and to order a copy. Sure, you can use a book design template, but the templates out there are for one-time use, cost more than our book, and don't include the cover. Why not learn the entire process for yourself and design as many books and covers as you like? Unleash your creativity with the power of InDesign plus Book Design Made Simple!

In 2016, the book won gold medals in two different national book contests: the Independent Publisher (IPPY) Awards and the Next Generation Indie Book Awards. We also won Book of the Year from the Independent Publishers of New England and are winners in the 2017 New England Book Show.

The book is now in its second edition and will soon be available as an ebook.